Foodal Shelf - Help Page!
  • Foodal is not a free service.
  • We treat our customers like our boss.
  • Monthly subscription is $50/month.
  • This way we give you the best premium service.
  • Please pay the $50 subscription to get started.
  • Start your $50 subscription.

$50 subscription
  • We use stripe payments for credit card transactions.
  • We don't store your credit card information.
  • Stripe payments provides a dashboard for transactions.
  • We use their dashboard to track our customer transactions.
  • We can easily revert a transaction, for any particular reason through stripe payments.

Foodal User Registration
  • User Registration is simple.
  • Please fill in all the information fields for the user.

User Registration
  • Please provide us with a username.
  • An email address.
  • A password.
  • (Must be at least 8 characters, with a number and a special character.)
  • Click on create your account.
  • If the create account link doesn't work or show up, email or call us.

Successful Registraton
  • Upon successful registration, foodal sends an email.

Check your email
  • Welcome email.
  • Email contains a link to validate the registration.

Validate User Registration
  • By clicking on the validation email link, the business is ready to use foodal.
  • The user is logged into foodal.
  • Please make sure to remember your username and password.
  • You can also use the browser to save the username and password for future.

Create a shelf
  • The Shelf contains a few navigation options.
  • Products allow you to create your shelf products.
  • Checkout gives you details on buyer transactions.
  • Blogs allow to create blogs for your products, for marketing.
  • Analytics gives your details on buyer traffic, i.e. users from facebook, twitter and email campaigns.
  • Settings allow you to set user preferences.

Click on Products
  • In the Products, you can view all your products.
  • You can create a product.
  • You can navigate back to Shelf.

Create a Product
  • Provide a name for your product.
  • Description.
  • Size.
  • Color
  • Price, no $, just a number, for example for a $5 product, please input 5.
  • Shipping information, how will the buyer receive the product? Please provide details.
  • Return policy, please provide any additional details.
  • Image, please upload an email for the product.

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